The full of energy in one cube

Everyone can move mountains. Good intention, self-confidence and positive energy are sufficient! Where to find such energy? There are a lot of sources – the world around us, friendly people, nature, bit of luck and self-confidence. It is also the matter of flavour. Terravita chocolates it is tasty way for good energy. Are you tired and exhausted? You have to eat one or two cubes of chocolate and feel joy. And never say… that you do not cope with!

natural quality 

The Terravita’s line of chocolate bars containing as much as 35% cocoa and 25% milk is designed for all milk chocolate lovers who care about its quality. 

The high cocoa and milk content makes each piece both very chocolatey and delightfully milky at the same time. There is one simple idea behind these bars: to let top quality go hand in hand with top flavour.

Choco Sticks prove that chocolate doesn’t always have to be the same old boring snack. These convenient bars (milky, dark, with filling!) will recharge your batteries wherever you go.

A line of chocolate bars Terravita 70% has been developed for those who cares for the health and well-being consciously chooses chocolate with a high cocoa content.

The expressive, powerful flavor of the chocolate emphasize the well combining with its additives and fillings. Orange peel, crispy crunchy, dry stuffing lemon, cherry, and refreshing mint, relieve its aromatic bitterness and are an excellent choice for those who are just discovering this kind of chocolate.

Chocolate bars 70% is a large portion of the energy required not only intensive sports training, but also during study, work, or play.


of natural cocoa

Terravita chocolate promotes the philosophy of active, smiling and spontaneous people. Only one cube provides a lot of energy and turns up the mood. Terravita sensational acts as a battery and at the same time ... so delectable tastes!