The legend hidden in one cube

The legend of Aztec gods says that a feathered snake came down from heaven to tell people the wisdom. He handed them with the wisdom a wonderful gift – the cocoa tree. And although the world has changed since then, the cocoa is still delicious. Today, cocoa is still one of the finest delicacies around the world, as well as the main ingredient of chocolate.

Cocoacara is a brand that flatters sophisticated tastes.

Delicious chocolate bars contain composed of up to 77% cocoa, enjoying the taste of real chocolate bitterness.

We propose three intriguing flavours:

  • deep cocoa flavour
  • cocoa, coffee and cardamom
  • cocoa, orange and chilli

 Elegantly decorated package makes Cocoacara a great idea for a chocolate gift.

  • Cacao


  • Coffe & Cardamom

    Coffe & Cardamom

  • Orange & Chilli

    Orange & Chilli

Exotic, deep flavour.

Makes Cocoacara regarded as a delicacy of the explorers and the prospectors. Its aroma is full of memories for the old legends, the power of ancient gods and untamed force of nature.