Excellent chocolate & natural toppings

Chocola! is a line of excellent quality chocolates with natural toppings in the form of sprinkles. The unique flavors are highlighted with a modern packaging, through which you can see the ingredients immersed in chocolate.

Nothing to hide, naturally

Chocola! line consists of five flavors. The base is a new, improved chocolate recipe, without unnecessary additions (E476): milky with a content of 32% cocoa and bitter one with a content of 60% cocoa.


From among 3 types of bars, you can choose a composition of milk chocolate with strawberries, coffee beans, almonds, roasted corn or dark chocolate with mango. All the additions are natural and have been sprinkled on top of chocolate, because ... there is nothing to hide!

  • Milk chocolate & Strawberry 
  • Milk chocolate & Roasted Almonds
  • Milk chocolate & Coffe

Best in advance! 

Chocola! is a chocolate that has nothing to hide. Just a glance is absolutely enough to value their quality, thanks to which you know in advance what will be best for you!