Bars of chocolates

Bars of chocolates

Bar of chocolate – a cult, a getting started, always on time. It is known for years for its unusual characteristics: cures blue, makes loneliness happier, sweetens the meets. You can take it on a trip, slip into a purse or hide in a drawer for...a rainy day.









Bar is the most popular form of chocolate products and we are the specialists in giving them shape. We offer three delicious brands of fine chocolate bars: Terravita, Alpinella, Cocoacara.


Terravita – bars of different size (from 90g to 250g), types (dark, milk) and flavours (peppermint, peanut, almond and even truffle) – Energy bomb for active people.

Alpinella – bars in standard format in multiple flavour (dark, milk, strawberry, peppermint, peanut, toffee, coconut). Excellent quality at an affordable price.

Cocoacara – it is a chocolate that contain up to 77% cocoa. There are three versions of flavour: dark, dark with orange peel and chilli, dark with coffee and cardamom. For connoisseur!