Our life goes

around the chocolate

Terravita is a well-known, respected and liked producer of chocolate products. Our tasty way we started over 25 years ago. We entered the market with a bang, a great idea and good energy. Years of experience have allowed us to explore the secrets of the chocolate industry, so we are not afraid of taking the next sweet challenges.

Currently we manage to several brands in the most important categories of chocolate, that is why we reach the traditional gourmet and match up the latest market trends. Local success encouraged us to adopt a broader perspective, that is why our satisfied clients can be met not only in Poland, but worldwide.

Terravita invites you to joyful tasting!

Choco Sticks

A Sweet Dose of Energy
An ideal snack to nibble on during your work or study break. Whatever the circumstances, Choco Sticks will boost you with energy in a delicious, convenient form. Perfect for sharing with others. A great little pleasure for all those living on the go.

Bars of chocolates

Bars of chocolates
Bar of chocolate – a cult, a getting started, always on time. It is known for years for its unusual characteristics: cures blue, makes loneliness happier, sweetens the meets. You can take it on a trip, slip into a purse or hide in a drawer for...a rainy day.


Appetite for creams
Cake with chocolate cream? Chocolate sandwich? Maybe bananas in chocolate? Terravita creams suit all culinary ideas. They also taste great just from the cup, all you need to full happiness is a spoon!


HAPPY TRIO - Triple joy in one piece
Filled chocolates Happy Trio is harmonious composition of three sophisticated components: delicious dark chocolate, elegant packaging and heart with velvety filling.

Private label

The pleasure side of chocolate
We share of chocolate delicious on many fronts. In addition to our main products (Terravita, Alpinella, Cocoacara) we are specialized in production of chocolates dedicated to customers’ private label.

Seasonal product

Celebrate with Terravita!
Celebrating without chocolate? It is impossible! Chocolate is the most universal delicacy, suits to any occasion and acts a perfect background taste for the most important memories.

Semi-finished products

Our semi-finished products is an offer with items divided into groups associated with the technology of their use: creams and confectionery, confectionery glazes, glazes for ice cream, toppings, couverture...